asemic response-translation #2

Response-translation by Jessica Purdy

Orchestrate Zoloft hearse and hood
bowers on eves of war
from Eros jade wife ever voice
chomp mere brothers roquefort
Brylcreem oceans Antwerp
jazz or jag dare
corrupt piano year coco tempera
grass fed ages aged
Day up on early day
Cook dog jar loop
great umbrella of herself
8 good soccer food
maneuver ill gotten billy goats gruff
Joe concept of
glee egress ages ago
good holiday joy ghost
cool sling or sting steerage
acorn porcupine Poseidon
heart in French leaves solar cellar

asemic response-translation #1

Response-translation by Jessica Purdy

I like a face a nose and eye
down to a cheek a dimple of knee
a tree hollow branch female figs
Yes, you’ll say, fit for stopping of
jags its first history gin fizzy war
illustrate ill will wizard
dealer of seven north stars high sloppy 7th
baby in blanket gripped in coyness
exist Viking ninny children
virulent in my ways
illness is seven times seven is quotation marks
large nose attack three feet walking up steps dig
slice excuse recuse question mark three times
sills exist millenium existentialism
grapes grip in 42, 77, 27 years
parenthetical 2 everything